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William F. Brunt, Jr.

William Brunt

William F. Brunt, Jr. manages our Middletown office in Monmouth County. Mr. Brunt is a retired Deputy Chief of Police from Middletown Township where he served for 31 years. He graduated first in his class at the police academy earning the Academic Excellence Award. He received numerous other awards during his career as a police officer including threeMetal of Merit Awards, Lifesaving and Supervisor of the Year.

During his police career, he attended many specialized training courses in advanced investigative techniques which he puts to use at our company, including:

  * Advanced Criminal Investigation (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  * Police Management (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  * White Collar Crime Investigations (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  * Advanced Interrogation & Interviewing (NJ Polygraphists, Inc.).
  * Sex crimes Investigation (*New Jersey State Police).
  * Organized Criminal Groups (New Jersey State Police).
  * Budgeting for Law Enforement (Penn State University Outreach).
  * Advanced Special Weapons and Tactics (International Assocation of Chiefs of Police).

In addition to his investigative experience, Mr. Brunt has experience as an electrician and self-employed contractor and he is well educated in computer science. Mr. Brunt brings his expertise to our company to provide great service to our customers.

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